Clean up Canada’s fracking mess

From the David Suzuki Foundation:

The liquefied natural gas/fracking industry is dumping methane and other harmful chemicals into the air 24 hours a day. Methane is a greenhouse gas that traps 84 times as much heat in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, accelerating climate change and making this a serious problem.

In northeastern B.C., the David Suzuki Foundation and St. Francis Xavier University recently completed the first ever ground-based measurement of these emissions in Canada.

Researchers discovered methane emissions are at least 2.5 times higher than the provincial government estimates, meaning the LNG/fracking industry is much dirtier than we’ve been told.

Even abandoned wells are constantly spewing out methane.

We don’t know what methane emissions from oil and gas are like in other parts of the country because they aren’t being measured or reported either. For us to reduce these very potent emissions, we need to start with complete knowledge about the scale of the problem.

The federal government recently announced a delay of three years to take action to reduce methane pollution. We can’t afford this delay. Cutting methane pollution is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to address climate change. This is a key moment to tell the federal government to cut methane pollution.

The good news is that, because of its potency and short lifespan, eliminating methane emissions from fracking will have a quick and major impact on addressing climate change.


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