Trump’s Impeachment

I haven’t written in a while. It’s been a trying time lately, with the semester finishing up and final assignments. Thankfully, I am now done all my required courses and only have a thesis left to write. (I say that like it’s no big deal, but it’ll be the most work of my degree program!)

I read an article today on CBC news about a prediction from Allan Lichtman. Apparently, Lichtman was the ONLY person to (publicly) predict that Trump would win the 2016 U.S. election. He’s also apparently predicted — correctly — the presidential elections since 1984.

Now, he’s predicting that Trump will be impeached sometime within his first term of office. The upside, he’s good at predictions, so you could probably bet on this outcome and win some decent cash. The downside, a term is 4 years and that’s a long time! Plus, one of Lichtman’s 8 reasons for predicting impeachment include the possible Democratic majority in the mid-term elections in 2018. That’s still almost 2 years away.

But, one of his 8 reasons that I like the best is as follows:

“‘Perhaps the most innovative of my grounds is the ‘crime against humanity,’ which we typically associate with genocide…,’ because the International Criminal Court has prioritized crimes against the environment as acts that could threaten human well-being and survival.”

This would be an absolutely amazing accomplishment, if the ICC were able to convict Trump of this. I’ll need to do more research — for example, do they try people based on their own research, or do they need a third party to bring a charge forward? And, has anyone currently brought such a charge forward?

Lichtman and his 8 possible reasons for impeachment are in a new book he wrote. I might have to look into getting that book!


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