The Apocalypse is Looming

You know all those books and movies everyone likes that are based on a ‘dystopian’ future? And, most of the time, that dystopian future has something to do with the apocalypse? Well, I think we’ve actually crossed a line and are now living a real dystopian future that could very well lead to the real apocalypse.

Apparently, according to Mick Mulvaney, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, US government funding for climate change programs is a waste of taxpayer money.

The amount of money being cut from the EPA’s budget is one thing, but to claim that climate change isn’t important and that it’s a waste of money, is just insane.

I don’t normally condone violence, and I don’t really mean this literally, but the majority of the current US executive administration needs to be hit by a bus. Or better yet, a crazy super-storm caused by global warming!

From a US perspective it’s bad enough, but from a non-US perspective it’s much worse. I think this clearly signals that Trump is unlikely to participate in the Paris Agreement. Which I hope will cause other countries to issue sanctions against the US. The rest of the world really has to stand up to this idiot and make him pay for his serious and devastating mistakes.

It’s scary to think how much one man has been able to ‘accomplish’ (aka. destroy) in less than 3 months. What the heck happened to the US’s other democratically elected officials? Have they been on vacation?






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