My Love/Hate Relationship with my Car

I went to campus on Wednesday, March 15th for a couple of meetings. As I got into the car I realized it was the first time I’d used the car since I got home 6 days earlier!

This is odd for me, because I really do love my car and freedom it affords. And I love to drive, even in bad weather. But after my trip to Denver, I was actually avoiding the damn car!

I did, however, finally get the chance to check the trip odometer. On Wednesday, March 8th, I travelled 1,399.5 kilometres in one go! Since the day took me 15 hours of driving (approximately, including stops for gas and bathroom breaks), that would be an average of 93.3 kilometres per hour of travel. That seems about right. While some of the trip was at speeds in excess of 120 km/h, most of the trip was around 100 km/h (or less) due to the conditions. In general, that’s probably not the great mileage, but it’s pretty good considering the weather.

I’m also able to confirm that I drove a total of 4,479.7 kilometres on the trip.

Now I just need to add up my gas receipts to determine how much each kilometre actually cost me. My car’s trip mileage calculation showed about 9.8 L per 100 km, which is about the average of what I get on most long-distance trips.

The good news is, I haven’t had to get gas since I got home! I still have more than a ¼ of a tank left and it’ll take at least another week before that gets used up, if not 2 weeks!




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